ARTIST STARDUST - 4 Week mentorship


ARTIST STARDUST - 4 Week mentorship


For those dedicated to improving their craft, growing their following, and learning to create wealth by selling their art.


Artist Stardust is the program I created to provide vast sums of value directly to select artists who are ready to take their abilities, earnings, and dreams to the next level.


Starting on the date of Purchase, ALL tutorials, courses, and brushes I make for the next 365 days are available for you to download - A full week before I release them to the public.


You also get access to EVERY course, tutorial, and creative asset I've made for Power Painters in the past 4 years. AKA everything in the  Power Painters Platinum Package.


Lastly, I contact you directly and we set up a two 1-hour meetings every week for 6-weeks. I will personally consult and coach you to help you overcome limiting beliefs, sticking points in your abilities, and walk you through the process of solving your creative and technical blocks, one-by-one, and one-on-one.


I care deeply about your success, fulfillment, and well-being.


Nothing would make me happier than to know that for the next year you have access to an abundance of Premium Power Painters courses and guidance for your endeavors.


If you've been spinning your wheels for a while, and feel like it's finally time to reach out and do what you KNOW you're capable of doing, then Artist Stardust will be the breakthrough you need.


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