1-on-1 mentorship: 1 Year


1-on-1 mentorship: 1 Year



This direct mentorship is an option I offer for the most dedicated artists. This is not for beginners, as they haven’t built enough momentum to get the most from our time together.

In short,

It's time to go from "Artist" To "Achiever."

Do you know the the 3 things that most artists strive for?

All of us deeply desire these things in some capacity, whether we are conscious of it or not.

They are:

  • Getting better and learning more - (technical)

  • Working for people and companies we admire - (career)

  • Finishing and (usually) monetizing our projects and pieces - ( entrepreneurial)

This Direct mentorship offers clear objectives, and destinations that are measurable. Artists are given a focus, direction, and accountability in the form of my undivided attention and expertise.

Basically, we map out, and put you on the tracks to success.

Many artists have drive, ambition, and passion, but few have clear direction, and systems in place to make sure they achieve their aims.

They start many things....but finish few.

They have goals...But only take scattered action towards them.

They are always aware of their potential...But seldom tap into all of it.

As a result, many artists suffer needlessly. They hop from idea to idea, following wishy-washy whims, and capricious muses, that ultimately lead them to dead-ends and disappointment. 

These are the sirens of distraction. Their sordid song will echo through the ether, pulling the unwitting artist toward little more than a whirlpool of problems and punishment.

This mode of operating is the formula for failure. It leads to things like poverty, burnout, and long stretches of emotional and mental stress.

You need not suffer, for there is a solution.

I created the Power Painters Platinum Mastermind to help give CLEAR DIRECTION and RESULTS, fueled by COMMUNITY, CREATIVITY, and CASH FLOW.

You can get very far on your own, but eventually you’ll need someone who can offer you logical, pragmatic, and valid consultation.

I'm not focused on heaping HUNDREDS OF HOURS of tutorials upon you either.

That's not what this program is about.

Instead, we operate with the LEAST amount of content for you to consume a possible.

That way you have the maximum amount of time to spend CREATING.

It's more about MAXIMIZING RESULTS rather than CONSUMPTION.

The focus is on setting measurable aims and taking action. Day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month.

It's about resources, accountability, and addressing your questions and problems along the way. 

The reason why you haven't gotten to where you want to be is a mixture of sticking points and scattered efforts.

The reason you work with me? To solve those issues.

Whether you're working on your technical skills, trying to get new clients and commissions, or steadily crafting a potent project, this is the place you want to be.

Again, one of the goals of this relationship is to SET CLEAR, MEASURABLE objectives.

Those who are willing to invest in their future are those who will succeed. If you have some skin in the game, you'll be MUCH more likely to take consistent action...To use temper your will to make things happen.

The sad truth is otherwise you'll likely float about in the morass of indecision, waffling on your craft for an immeasurable amount of time.

With no accountability, your results will be lackluster. Few have built the iron will necessary to carry themselves alone through the trials of this creative path while flying solo.

Whether you have 15 hours a week to dedicate to your efforts or 40+, you'll find the transformation and manifestation you seek within.

Here’s a list of the benefits:

- Immediate access to the Private Discord Chat Server, where other Platinum Power Painters reside, inspire, and grow. We have channels for collaboration, problem-solving, critique, and more.

- A direct line to me to answer your questions ASAP. Weekly strategy and accountability sessions to take you to previously unreachable levels of achievement.

- A printable PDF files that outlines pragmatic, logical ways to achieve your aims, and know where you are at in regard to them. I craft these based on our meetings together.

Enroll today, and achieve the acumen inherent in your artistic spirit.

Also available as two payments of $6450.00.

Keep in mind that’s 52 meetings, the ability to contact me between a large hourly window, custom strategies for building a following, monetizing your work, and improving your joy and equanimity.

The reason I ask for this much is so that we’re both sincere about it. I can only help you so much if you’re not willing to invest in yourself.

Again, this option is not for everyone, there are limited yearly slots so that I can ensure the quality of this experience to the vital few who have the courage to step into their greatness.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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