Welcome - I’m glad you’re interested. You’ll notice that my prices and approach differ from the standard designer.

The key difference being I improve your business. I’m not looking to get hired just to make art. I make results happen using these designs and imagery - getting you the valuable outcome you’re after.

Questions? contact me.


Conceptualize, Illustrate, or Art Direct your Project Visuals - Value Based Price

I don’t have set rates for this service. Each project is unique, and I offer 3 options in a proposal at the end of our conversation - assuming we’re a good fit.

This option is here to solve your problems and satisfy your project needs. Whether it’s building out a series of crucial marketing illustrations, or generating detailed concept sheets for your 3D Modelers.

This process starts with a call or chain of emails. We work out the details and assess the risks and rewards of your project.

Again, at the end I write a proposal offering you 3 different pricing tiers based exclusively on what you need complete.

Whether it’s a 4-week affair or a year-long project, I’m always interested in talking it through. If I can’t help you, I may know someone who can.


Consulting and Strategy - $12,000 - $5000 flat

Not getting the best out of your artist(s)? Having a tough time gathering fans who are willing to pay?

This is a high-level conversation about what you’re trying to achieve, and how to do so. We get crystal clear on how to ascertain the outcome you’re looking for, and how to solve that on multiple levels.

A lot of what I end up doing for these is providing a “style bible” or design document that you can send out and hire less expensive artists or teams with.

There’s a second series of documents I generate wherein I plot an actionable overview of the desired goals and how to achieve them. Whether it’s launch a game, movie, comic, or campaign, I will leverage proven principles to generate a road map for you.

Comes with 2 pricing options.


Consulting Retainer $1100/month

For 30 days I will leverage my network and expertise to answer any question you may have. usually within 90 minutes during business hours, and less than 24 hours otherwise.

This could be about how to direct your artists, where to hire new ones, how to package your pitch for more funding, or setting up the proper production pipeline for your project. Anything and everything you could want to mitigate risk is at your beck and call.

For 30 days after your payment, you have my professionalism at your service. Available in 3-month packages as well for $3000.