The Character Drawing Course - GUILDEON CONCEPTS
The Character Drawing Course - GUILDEON CONCEPTS

Demo examples from my newest course!

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Are you ready to update your character drawing abilities? In 8 weeks you'll learn how to sketch, refine, and create characters you can be proud of.

Most of us grew up playing video games, reading comics, and watching anime, movies, or cartoons. Probably a mixture of all of 'em.

We saw the heroes, the villains, and everyone in between. People of all shapes and sizes, of all looks and personalities.

It's only natural to start imagining your own creations-- characters drawn up in your mind's eye that you can share with the world.

This is the course that will help you make them a reality. In just 8 weeks we cover everything from quick drawings to polished pieces.

Learn what makes a successful character, and how to design them for your stories, worlds, or just for fun.

No talent required. Just a bit of drawing experience and a willingness to grow and explore!

Here's the curriculum week-by-week:

1. Character sketching and posing - A simple intro to posing and such.

2. Character construction - Building the body-machine.

3. Character Portrait Drawing - Heads are important!

4. Expressions and facial features - Figure out the face.

5. Clothing And Accessories - Wrap those forms in style.

6. Concept Art & Design - Varying hair, outfits, looks, and views!

7. Backstory and Appeal - Weave a believable OC

8. Presentation and Polish - Bringing it all together

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