Satellite Psychic Saga - Art Collection 01

Taylor payton sketch isaac gemina

An idea for a Cover or Chapter Cover. Gemina's Ire and Isaac's Apprehension.


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Gemina Flynn Concept Art - 2019

Part of a Tutorial on Character Design:

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Rai Watts Concept Art - 2019

Documented this in my Character Design Course:

Taylor payton isaac conceptart iteration 01

Isaac Lin - The Protagonist - 2016

Taylor payton alex or darien

Rai Watts - Isaac's friend. 2016

Taylor payton gemina concept art smol 0

Gemina Flynn - There's another painting of her here:


Taylor payton satellite dev art

A darker variant of Isaac L. 2016

Taylor payton city speedpaint

Concept art of Isaac gazing at the city of Alborough - 2016