Learn, Share, Create, Grow.

Taylor Payton is a pragmatic polymath. Ever since he was a child, he's felt the need to constantly expand his prowess in the creative domains, while learning, teaching, and sharing as much as he can with the world.

In 2013 he Graduated from the Art Institute's International Minnesota with a Degree in Media Arts and Animation. And he's since gone on to work in film, games, TV, and amass a following of Artists via his Power Painters YouTube channel.

Today, Taylor's interests lie in moving toward mastery of drawing, painting, and working on his ever-growing musicianship.

But one thing he enjoys tremendously is working with other artists to unlock their latent potential. The journey is more fun when you're not alone.

His portfolio is comprised of projects that he's focusing on turning into intellectual properties. Namely Strataegis, SATELLITE, and Guildion.

Taylor Studies with great fervor the topics of psychology, marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, health, fitness, storytelling, sales, investing, and personal finance. His dream is to tell stories, weave worlds, and master different domain of creativity to express virtuous autonomy.

When he's not studiously working with his students, accelerating his artistic progress, or jamming on his instruments, he's probably petting his cat or getting in some much-needed social time.