An Artist’s Best Friend: Iterative Drawing (Step-By-Step Drawing)

General / 24 April 2017

We’re going to explore some well-known drawing keys that will unlock new areas of creative potency and technical expression for you.
Today’s Lesson: Iterative Drawing

Here’s a simple rule you can begin to apply today: Draw in stages.

The act of drawing can seem overwhelming, rather than fun and expressive.

After all, there are so many things to consider.

But if we prioritize and organize correctly, then we have more freedom in each step, rather than fear.

There’s a tendency to fight what works– even if we know it does. Some of us are addicted to a certain degree of uncertainty in our work.

I invite you to look at everything you’d like to create in steps or layers.

Some people barely go beyond Stage 01 (I was one of them.)

Others stop at Stage 02.

And where I happened to land this time was Stage 03.

Still, there are further stages after that one.

You have your own stages.

All stages are for the purpose of reinforcing and harmonizing what we’ve established.

Your most rudimentary scribbles can turn into potential masterpieces if only you take the time to develop and divest their potential.

Sometimes it will require starting over entirely, and only keeping the “feeling.” But if you have a process you can have faith in, then that feeling is all you need to carry with you.

So think of your work in stages– each one prioritized for your best expression.

If you need to return to previous stages to reinforce what you’ve created, then so be it.

A well-optimized model for working allows you to “move backward in time” if need be.

This means keeping things light and easy to retract in favor of solidifying the more appropriate pieces.

In conclusion, if you take things in a clean, step-by-step fashion (which our impatience often doesn’t permit.) You have a much more “bankable” result.

  1. In the beginning be free…Express, create, and channel.
  2. As you move forward, be sure to refine, harness, and subtract.
  3. Then as you approach the final stages, tweak, detail, and conclude.

Surely as you develop yourself and your patience, your art will follow suit.

This Golden Key is now in your possession. What you use it to unlock is up to you.

and as a friendly reminder: Always Work Your Fundamentals.

Happy Drawing,

-Taylor Payton