Anatomy Course Released!

Making Of / 11 November 2019

Check it out, family:

I'm really pleased with how it all came together. I don't often get the chance to do fuller courses (freelance and stuff, y'know?) But this was one I really want to wrap up. 

Most of it is just how I go about simplifying shapes and enunciating certain anatomical features. 

I break down things from a bone & muscle perspective, and do my best to simplify the drawings to just lines and process.

Legs can be tricky, but they're curvy cylinders that have fused, ultimately-- some bone-to-skin protrusions of course.

Here's another image from the course:

Lemme know if you decide to level up your anatomy :D.

It does have 6 weeks worth of assignments too. I'm big on making sure there's action at the end of the lesson. You're only going to get better if you practice.

And yeah, I don't claim to be a master or enlightened phD or anything, I've just learned a cool bag of tricks and mental models, and that's ultimately what I'm sharing.

Happy drawing,