Endurance - What Most Artists Lack.

General / 22 April 2019

Endurance: the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. 

Giving way - that part, that's the part right there. 

Avoid that at all costs.

Agreeing to bear the burden of creation and creativity doesn't mean turning it into a struggle.

You can be stoic in the face of the unpleasantness or difficulty. 

However, once you give yourself an out before the process has completed, you're cutting away all of those future benefits that lie in wait on the other side. 

The gilded pieces you never finish. The soulful stories you never write. The character-building situations that you go out of your way to avoid.

These are all signs that you lack endurance. 

You bemoan the lows, and fight the highs. You procrastinate, justify, whine, and cry...but you don't work on your endurance. 

Endurance Enunciated

This POWER, this asset, this iron-hearted force can be yours if you so choose. 

Some are born with endurance, and some are galvanized by their environment to have it. 

But all of us can cultivate MORE of it. 

How? That's simple - 

By getting to the end of your current capacity.

By learning how much you have, and how to manage it in accordance with your aimed achievements.

I'm not going to pretend I know your degree of endurance, but I can bet there are times in your life wherein you can recall having to use all of it- and then some. 

A time that perhaps broke you for a bit. A time that took you a while to come back from it.

Those times are a part of all of our lives to some degree. The greater the endurance we have, the stronger we'll be in the face of those times.

The more endurance you have across the board, the better off you'll be. Your tenacious adaptability and steeled-nerves sharpen you daily. You don't lie in bed waiting for the self-defeating and lackluster thoughts to stop - you plant your feet on the floor and you seize every opportunity the day presents.

One of my favorite things about having a potent wellspring of endurance is the ability to click into a flow state during unpleasant periods. 

This effectively allows you to usurp victory from the clasping claws of defeat. It allows you to derive unique and silver-lined pleasures from otherwise cloudy or sullen circumstances.

How to Endow Endurance

To gain this power, and the presence of it will yield rewards of every kind to you in multitudes.

Use your current endurance. Tap into your reserves. You have it in you, after all, you're still here. Gain more of it gradually, and do the things that replenish it.

Endurance is your ally all you need to do is focus on it, and watch it's power grow. 

That feeling in your solar plexus, right below your rib cage - that's what I'm talking about. Feed that fire. Fuel that diesel. You're a cutting-edge organism with latent potential you can't even fully explore in this lifetime. 

It's almost as though you can see the "stat" of endurance on your personal character. Every time you feel that surge of excitement, that electric undercurrent, you're pumping more power into it. 

Your job every day is to take that sacred reserve and USE IT. It atrophies very quickly from leisure, fear, and procrastination. You will have to rebuild it the longer it stays dormant.

If it's asleep, you can wake it by breathing into it and holding space in your physical body. If you're ever feeling drained or depleted, it's because it's running low. 

Look for a way to practice it in the face of every task. This will fully-orb your indomitable endurance. Lift weights? Hold it up instead of just repping it. Have to sit through a boring lecture? See how long you can listen attentively by pushing yourself to.

You needn't look far for an opportunity to cultivate endurance, these optional fortitude-quests are in every single task or situation life could ever offer.

Where's your attention?

I know, it's a bit like a video game, but our perspectives are so personal that it's hard to see and solve these matters when they arise.

None the less, it's up to you to raise your awareness and ability. How else do you expect to succeed in the capacities you've defined?

In the face of it all, endure. 

See the process through, reach the next milestone, and strive to unlock the hidden powers you've sealed from yourself. 

Endurance is the channel through which they will manifest, so you'd better get to building it.

Happy Enduring.

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