Are Artists Afraid to Sell?

General / 17 July 2019

Are Artists Afraid to Sell?

If you look at the fact that the Artstation Marketplace has just passed $500,000.00 in payouts (some of which I happily received!) Then the answer is probably not. 

However, this is ONE big issue, and that is PROMOTION. 

Promotional Perils

Promotion, and more specifically, SELF PROMOTION is one of the hardest things to master. 

  1. You have to be confident, but not cocky.
  2. You have to take a stand, but not be too polarizing. 
  3. You have to do it without any shame.

It's like committing to a line you're drawing rather than sheepishly drawing it. One comes out clean and crisp, and the other, well, it's crinkly and ill-placed.

Here's the thing, unless you get comfortable promoting your art, your exposure is limited. 

Limited exposure means limited opportunities. 

In which case, you'd better be REALLY kind to your Current ADs (which you should do anyway) in hopes that they keep sending you work. 

In fact a nice, warm studio seat is much better than going hungry because you're not comfortable putting yourself and/or your artwork in the limelight. At least then you have a measure of security.

Now, many artists are humble by nature. No one wants to be seen as a braggart with a big mouth and artwork full of gaping flaws. But many of us work HARD. We've studied this craft for years, and we've put the work in time and time again. 

We should be proud of our work, and if not, we need to go back to the drawing board (or the 3D interface) until we are. 

Now, not all promotion has to be self promotion, there are many ways in which artists can get featured, interviewed, or win a contest of sorts.

Like it or not, it opens doors. 

Sure, you can plateau for a while until someone finds you, or you can recede into your studio until you have a plethora of masterpieces that you unleash upon the world...But the bottom line is that in order to win, promotion is a non-negotiable.

In the future, I'll be creating more content regarding this subject, and documenting my journey when it comes to such endeavors. 

Even if I get snatched up by a studio in the near future, I'll still be honing my promotional prowess, ready to create new opportunities down the line. I suggest you sincerely think about doing the same.

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Until next time - happy creating.