The Beginnings of SATELLITE.

All of us have stories locked within us. It's our privilege to craft them with love and expressiveness. 

The sheer joy of coming up with characters, settings, worlds, and plots is unlike anything else.

Sometimes flashes of inspiration come in the blink of an eye, sparked across the imagination as we sit idly. 

Other times we can work with intent, and through our efforts an idea may be wrested from the ether from whence it was born.

 This is how I knew SATELLITE was going to come into being. 

Isaac Ling - My protagonist.

When I wrote an outline for the plot, started to envision the world, and put myself in the shoes of the main character (Isaac Ling) it all began to take on a life of it's own.

Since then, I've returned to it periodically...Developing bits and pieces-- flirting with the idea of it becoming a fully-fledged graphic novel.

There were many worries, fear, doubts.

There still are.

These are the feelings and thoughts that oft accompany the creative process.

Despite that, you have to know that in the end, there's no unique problem, and the solution is existent the second we come up against any sort of barrier. 

In the end, we must trust ourselves to channel these creations! To allow our diligent efforts to unfold them piece-by-piece. 

So now I work diligently to develop the larger pieces, fleshing out the details as the come to me, and studying everything I can about the successful undertaking and completion of my projects.

Inspiration is everywhere, so join me on The Quest Of Creation!

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Thanks for reading!  

Join me on The Creative Quest below.

More soon,

- Taylor