The SATELLITE Still Orbits

Expressing your stories is no small task. Discipline and diligence must be your cohorts if you are to realize the tales you have within.

I'm pleased to share with you the fact that The 3 main characters of SATELLITE have become crystallized.

Rai, Isaac, and Gemina are a band of espers ready to face a deluge of psychic foes, cataclysmic struggles, and otherworldly scenarios.

And that's not all.

I've started a personal movement I'm calling #wiptober (After the immensely popular #inktober.) My goal however isn't to improve my inking ability, but to improve my ability to finish pieces and projects.

And I'm really glad I did. Here's why:

Life has a way of letting those things we don't consciously cling to drift off into the perimeter of our focus.

Once it escapes the peripheral of our consciousness, it gathers two things: inertia, and then dust; neither of which are fun to shake.

SATELLITE was starting to get to that point. I hadn't lost interest, but I did lose focus.

My patterns and paradigms tend to be to move toward what I find easy, pleasurable, and routine. The thing is, many of us humans are susceptible to these tendencies. 

Luckily, SATELLITE didn't fall too far out of orbit. I was able to renew my creative fervor by talking about it with my friends, visualizing cool scenarios, and then adding more to the script.

It's only a matter of time before visuals start flowing again, but for now the story takes precedence.

If I say I'll write just a few sentences, a couple paragraphs usually spill forth. The trick is to focus on consistency, not perfection. Progress is my goal, and progress is made. I can always edit and tweak after the foundation has been laid. For now, it's a matter of manifesting that basis.

If you haven't begun your own personal projects, I can't recommend it enough. The reason we got into our crafts is because we want to be able to express the ideas, feelings, and experiences that bubble up within us. Our creative quests are among the most challenging and rewarding undertakings we can earnestly carve.

As I wrap my head around the characters, follow the arcs of their stories, and envision them in their pinnacle moments of failure and triumph, my heart begins to race. There's a special feeling to inspiring yourself, and I believe that it isn't always there by proxy. Like the hungrily licking flames, that spark must be tended with suitable kindling. You must be the one who uses your thoughts and feelings to spur your body into action.

I was watching an interview with James Jean. He's an artist I highly regard for his prolific output, creative mastery, and technical virtuosity. He said something in one of these interviews to the effect of the body being the vehicle for the mind, and that really resonated within me. Our thoughts are creative, and at some level we know this. You can view images in your mind, you can compose music, and you can generate most anything. The key is to practice and hone your skills in a chosen craft so that you have the information to express the inspiration.

Think about it. In•form•ation.

This just means we're keeping our inspiration in form.

It has a structure, something solid we can build upon. All form must have solidity if it is to be scaled.

One of the real-life people who has inspired me greatly is R. Buckminster Fuller. A vast portion of Isaac (The middle character above, and the protagonist of Satellite) is heavily based R.B. Fuller's potent philosophies, geometric wisdom, and architectural mastery.

R.B. Fuller knew a thing or two about solidity. His geodesic dome designs were among the most solid structures this earth has ever known.

So if there's anything I'd like this post you leave you with, it's that your stories and projects are calling to you every time they pop into your conscious mind. Set aside small chunks of time for developing them. Honor them. Do research on how to better your work so that you can express them more aptly.

Trust yourself. Trust that you're the only one who can realize your potential. Share these with the world, and even if you fail, you'll have learned so much in the process that you can renew your efforts to a greater degree next time around.

The cycle continues, it just depends how big we make the circle. 

I don't want to reveal too much about the plot of SATELLITE, but for the next post I'll have a hook, some more vis-dev, and perhaps even some chapter snippets.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to join the mailing list below so that I can update you next time I publish another post (that's the only time I send out mail to this list, and you can unsub at any time if you feel like it's spammy or something.)

All in all, I'm just happy that The SATTELITE still orbits.

Happy creating,