The Beginner Drawing Course


A Course for Beginner to Intermediate Artists who want to grasp the basics and beyond.

(No experience necessary.)

This is the course you've been starved for.

Your goal is to better your abilities, and not waste time scouring YouTube for decent lessons. You want to work from your imagination, and give form to your inner worlds.



Unlock your creativity

No limits.


I'm Taylor Payton and my story is simple. I used to draw very poorly.

Even when I was going to college for media arts and animation, my work was fairly sub-par.

It wasn't until I Discovered artistic fundamentals and began to apply that I saw real improvement.

Some of these concepts are applied to the image below.

Higher skill and praise await.

Are you ready to leverage the same techniques the masters used?

This course is about the benefits of learning to draw, and how they will endow you with more creative power than you may have thought possible.

Talent isn't necessary. It's all about learning the timeless principles that the masters have handed us!

The very same things that industry professionals go to time and time again to achieve their high-caliber work.

You too can learn these principles, and what's more is you can use them to strengthen your work TODAY.

That's because they're ever-present, and they don't care if it's a landscape or a giant mech you're creating.

Yes, these basics work with anime, cartoons, realism, and pretty much any other representational style you can think of.


A Powerful Course Curriculum.

Here's a big-picture look at all of the content that this course holds for you:

  • 1. Intro to Drawing - The right state of mind, body, and attitude.
  • 2. Fundamentals - The basis of drawing evolution
  • 3. Drawing from life - Going to the source
  • 4. The Gesture of Drawing - Speeding up the eye, mind, and hand
  • 5. Values and Forms: - Values are second only to drawing in importance.
  • 6. Easy and effective perspective - Create an instant feeling of space.
  • 7. Creative drawing - Using Reference as a path to success.
  • 8. Drawing from imagination - The mind's eye

Or if you're looking for even more potent lessons:

  • 9. Problem Solving in Drawing - Eliminating errors that will muddy your work
  • 10. Potent Practices - Exercises that can double or triple your abilities
  • 11. The 10 elements of drawing magic
  • 12. Intro To Illustration


This is your ladder.

As you ascend in understanding and ability, you'll find drawing is easier, more enjoyable, and just makes more sense to you than ever before.

Climb it at your own pace. There are no true deadlines.

Assignments Included.

These have been specifically designed to expedite your understanding and application.

The assignments will serve as guideposts - allowing you to wrap your efforts around an objective, thus generating more proverbial EXP points.

Yeah, drawing is a lot like a game. And once you walk through these assignments you'll be playing in no time.


The First Lesson is Free.

Hopefully you've eliminated your doubt, and you're ready to enrich your skills and creativity with proven techniques.

However, results speak for themselves.

Watch the first lesson free below. I encourage you to work through the assignment too.


It's Time To Spur Growth.



Like a sunlit sprout

It's time to awaken to your potential.

My goal is to help you eliminate painful stumbling blocks and wasted effort.

Don't fritter about like a flailing flea in hot bathwater. That's not how you learn to swim.

 Also Available as a 12-week extended course.

Also Available as a 12-week extended course.

Instead, take the structured approach.

Learn to wield these mighty principles.

Absorb visual information from life, and to transfer that power into your work.

Zero Risk.

There's also my 30-day, zero-risk guarantee. If this course doesn't serve you in any way then I will personally refund you.

I'm confident in my ability to help you reach those "ah-ha" moments, to hand you the necessary tools to forge your path.

Start your learning today.

 Also Available as a 12-Week Course. Click the Image below or right here.