Photo Credit: Elyse Lavonne

Photo Credit: Elyse Lavonne

Taylor Payton - Artist and Strategist

All inquiries personal and professional are welcome, fill out the form below to contact me.

Commercial rates:

(These rates assume a "work for hire" contract. You retain all of the rights.)

- One week of full-time work: $2200.00

- One month of full-time work $8800.00

- Day Rate $440/day

My goal is always to deliver professional, personable, timely, and qualitative service. These rates permit me to do that with great intensity and focus.

Please note that the goal is to increase your earnings via the work I create by 1.5 - 2x the cost of hiring me. These rates include a content/social media/marketing/sales strategy and consultation.

Other artists will merely deliver the art and leave you to your own devices in regards to connecting it with the proper audience. I differentiate my services by providing the media and the marketing.

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