Photo Credit: Madison Rude

Photo Credit: Madison Rude

Inquiries of all Kinds Are Welcome.

Though if you’re looking to hire me, read this next portion carefully:

I don’t create artwork for anyone for less than a premium.

Here’s why:

Today’s creative climate wherein corporations, companies, and individuals hire artists, and get them to sign away their rights to the work isn’t ethically sound.

I’ve personally opted out of that game.

I make more creating courses and products (and with less attachment to my valuable time) than by spending precious hours slaving away on someone else’s ideas.

As an art director, you may be sickened by this, and that’s okay.

However, as a business owner, I’m sure you can understand the logic here.

If you’ve got a potent budget and understand that you will be working with me (and permitting a great deal of creative freedom) then feel free to fill out the form below.

All that said, I urge you to be prepared for contract negotiations, royalties, and one of the most prosperous partnerships you’ve ever been a part of.

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