Photo Credit: Elyse Lavonne

Photo Credit: Elyse Lavonne

Taylor Payton - Artist and Strategist


Impact is how to value my services. You don't hire me to make art for art's sake; you hire me to create lasting impressions on your customers or project, and thus grow your business.

I'm not a punch-card, I don't have an hourly rate. I believe it creates a conflict of interest - artists taking more time to get paid more, and you not getting your solution as promptly as possible.

Instead, we'll discuss the big impact the visuals will have on your business.

I'm as much of a strategist as I am an artist, and your success is my success.

When you email me, it's about the needs of your business.

  • Your goals.
  • What you're trying to achieve.
  • What pains you need alleviated.
  • What problems you're aiming to solve.
  • Your revenue targets.

You're in the right place, and it's the right time. Let me be the catalyst that helps generate the next level of revenue in your business.

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